Hilltop Nursery School
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We use Curriculum for Excellence – Early Level outcomes and experiences when working with children 3 – 5 years.

Realising the Ambition is also used to support provision for all children and families.

In order to ensure we are delivering high quality learning experiences we also use a document called How Good is Our Early Learning and Childcare? This helps us to self-evaluate and monitor the impact on children’s learning. There are copies of these documents in the nursery and can also be accessed online at Education Scotland. (http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/)

Throughout Hilltop Nursery School there are displays of children’s learning and the curriculum in action. We deliver the curriculum through play and active learning using children’s own experiences and interests as our starting point.

The learning experiences offered to children promote curiosity, investigation and discovery skills. All children are given the opportunity to explore and problem solve in an environment that provides open ended resources to encourage these skills to development.

At Hilltop Nursery School, we are very fortunate to have an extensive garden and playground area for our children’s learning. Children have access to this area in all weathers throughout the year, experiencing a range of play i.e. bikes, physical play, planting and growing. Please ensure your child is dress appropriately i.e. waterproof jacket, wellington boots and change of clothes. They have opportunities to take part in risky play and therefore will develop skills for life in negotiating and problem solving.

We recognise that parents/carers are the prime educators of the child and provide for continuity of learning experiences between the home, the community and other educational establishments therefore, it is important we work together to ensure that your child has the best early years’ experience.

Further information for parents about the curriculum is provided on the Education Scotland Website on the Parent Zone Page. https://education.gov.scot/parentzone