Hilltop Nursery School
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PATHS and ASN Strategy

We use the Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) programme to support emotional and social learning within our nursery. There are workshops and home link exercises throughout the year to which all parents/carers are welcome and this allows us to share the benefits of this programme with you.

Additional Support Needs/Accessibility Strategy

When a child is identified to be experiencing learning difficulties, he/she will be given support to assist their progress.

Many of the difficulties that young children experience are temporary and will be resolved as they develop and learn however, when it is felt to be in the child’s interest, the Head of Centre may arrange for specialist help e.g., Speech & Language Therapist or Educational Psychologist. Parents will always be consulted before such a step is taken.

The Professionals involved with the child will work co-operatively and contribute towards the child’s Wellbeing and Assessment Plan.

The rights and responsibilities of parents/carers are respected and they are actively encouraged to be involved in making decisions about the approaches taken to meet their child’s needs. Parents/Carers will also be involved in regular review meetings.

Further information relating to Additional Support Needs is also available on the

Glasgow City Council Website. http://www.glasgow.gov.uk

This is inline with GCC inclusion policy.