Hilltop Nursery School
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Accidents, Incidents and Risk Assessments


We try to ensure that all our children are playing in a safe environment however accidents do happen and children do become upset. Staff will use their judgement on whether or not you should be alerted and if not you will be informed as you collect your child.

However, if your child suffers a bump to the head, however small, we will always call you to inform you of this. A First aider will advise you if they feel further intervention is required although ultimately it will be your decision to seek medical attention.

Staff will complete an Accident Form, which you will be asked to sign when you collect your child.


Common incidents and children displaying challenging behaviour which may cause harm from child to child.  If your child is involved in an incident it will be recorded and you will be informed and if further action is required there is a procedure in place to accommodate this. All staff are trained in ‘all behaviour is communication’

Risk Assessments

The nursery regularly carries out Risk Assessments to identify possible hazards inside and outside. The children are involved in these activities as it encourages them to demonstrate safe play. Any risk identified is dealt with immediately to ensure our children have a safe environment to play in.