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Glasgow City Council is committed to the delivery of high quality education and childcare; and to ensuring that those in greatest need are supported through the fair and transparent allocation of early year’s places.


All children are admitted to Glasgow City Council nurseries in accordance with the Admissions Policy.

Only children in their pre-school year (4 year olds) and ante pre-school year (eligible 3 year olds) are guaranteed a free, term-time, part-time place (up to 3 hours per day) within a Glasgow City Council or partnership nursery. Due to a high level of demand for some nurseries, this may not always be in the establishment of the parent’s or carer’s first choice.

Within Glasgow City Council some establishments are able to offer a limited number of extended or full time places, for example to support parents or carers who are attempting to play a part in the economic regeneration of the city, through work, training or further education. Some establishments are also able to offer places for children under 3 years old. Further guidance can be obtained from Heads of establishments on the range of services available.

Full-time places are defined as more than one part-time session each day or more than five part-time sessions each week. Part-time places for 3 and 4 year olds are normally offered as 5 mornings or 5 afternoons, term-time.

Full-time places and places for children under 3 years old are limited. A “weighting” system to support the allocation of full-time places has been developed. The weighting system is also used to prioritise the allocation of all places for children under 3 years old and in circumstances where the demand for preschool education places exceeds availability within a particular nursery.


All placements are allocated by Contact, through the Local Area Admissions Panels on behalf of Glasgow City Council and are based on the needs of the child and the family.

  • Full-time places will be reviewed at least twice each year. There is no guarantee that full time placements will continue to be offered after review if circumstances have changed.
  • Emergency placements will be made initially for a maximum of 12 weeks. There is no guarantee that any place allocated on an emergency basis will be continued beyond this period.
  • Government funding is available to support the provision of free, part-time, term-time nursery places for children aged 4 years old, eligible 3 year olds* and some deferred entrants to primary school. You should be aware however that charges may apply for any nursery provision in excess of a part-time place or for nursery provision for children under 3 years old. You will be provided with support to access any Working Tax Credits to which you may be entitled to offset the cost of additional childcare hours.

*Children aged 3 years old become eligible for free, part-time, term-time nursery provision from the start of the term following their third birthday.

The charges for nursery provision will vary according to family circumstances and some families will be exempt from charging or entitled to a reduced fee level. The Head of Establishment can provide more information on the criteria for exemption or reduction.

Charges will be payable four weekly in advance.

You will be expected to pay for any additional hours of childcare your child is allocated, whether or not they are used. (i.e. A family allocated 9am - 5pm will be expected to pay for the full number of hours even if they choose to collect their child at 4pm).

Information and “frequently asked questions” regarding the admissions and charging policy can be found on the Glasgow City Council website.